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Tru Mantra – 1-2-3

    Lyrics for 1-2-3 By Tru Mantra

    1-2- 3
    1-2- 3
    Take a look at me
    Tell me what You see

    Verse 1:
    Oh no Mr. Blow Blow, I got eyeballs on Your M.O
    Looking fly on the outside but Your innards needing chemo
    I got the ammo, I know You’re on the up and up
    I see the pictures on Insta, flash, flash, click, click, lock!
    Mallorca to Playa Vista, hole up
    It’s time for another selfie, chin up
    Gotta get the angle just right on Your iPhone, duck, duck

    Gotta get Your girl’s pout locked in, honey pucker up
    Take a seat Narcissus, ah, You know it ain’t like that
    Everybody thinks You’re cool, You ain’t got it like that
    You know the emptiness You feel inside, why You frontin’ like that?
    Touche Mr. Broadway gonna keep stuntin’ like that?
    Listen my man, how long can You keep this up?
    Tied up in knots so tight inside You know You’re fit to pop
    Suave and debonair on the outside but on the inside all beat up
    Don’t try to keep up with the Joneses anymore, just stop

    1-2- 3
    1-2- 3
    Take a look at me
    Tell me what You see

    Verse 2:
    You’re so vain You appear to be popping
    You’re so fly we can see You are coming
    Just be upfront, don’t be fronting
    Lust of the flesh got a grip on You; You were covered by the blood but it creeped on You
    When You’re home alone like Mac Culkin, do You fight the thief when he’s knocking?
    Or You open the door and let him come in?
    Bible verse and buttock exhibition, what a weird juxtaposition
    To go from grass to grace, You don’t need to catch a case
    You don’t need to become two-faced
    I know sometimes it’s hard to show Your real face
    Let the son (sun) in, let the light shine, this is night time
    Let the father take You to Your own place, then people will see Your true face

    Verse 3:
    Hey, hey Ms. Show Show, how You doing today?
    I don’t believe we met in the past. My name is Tru and I’m here to sway
    Not here to play, know You’re the mistress of the game
    Let’s not delay, get to shaking tables, fanning flames
    I know You got Your act down, social media influencer
    You going viral everyday, digital influenza
    Likes and tweets got more folk on Your case than a solicitor

    You clean up everyday, more spick and span than a janitor
    Okay, but how is all this working for You
    You’re all alone when the lights go out, ain’t nobody talking to You
    When You take that makeup off, do You even like You?
    Can the real You step up, not the girl in comments and views
    It doesn’t have to be this way, You can rest
    Don’t have to deal with pressure everyday, life’s not a quest
    Living up to expectations is a notorious task
    Drop the facade, quit the charade, it’s going to be for the best

    1-2- 3
    1-2- 3
    Take a look at me
    Tell me what You see

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