Steve Sule – While You Wait Lyrics

Lyrics for While You Wait By Steve Sule

You may be going through some challenges
And wondering if God’s still there
You seem to have lost opportunities
And think all Your hope is gone
I’ve got a message for You
Don’t You ever give up
Don’t loose Your faith
He’ll come through

While You wait
Keep on believing
Just keep on trusting
He’ll make a way
While You wait
Just Keep on holding
Keep on expecting
Don’t stop Your worship

(Repeat verse and chorus)

I know the road seems rough
He’ll never leave nor forsake You
Won’t put more on You than You can bear
Just hold on, He’ll come through

While You wait,
While You wait,
While You wait,
Don’t stop Your worship
(Repeat 2x)
Don’t stop Your worship
(Repeat 8x)

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