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Favour George – Idinma Ft. Kelvin King Lyrics

Lyrics for Idinma By Favour George Ft. Kelvin King

Verse 1
Let me tell You a quick story
What my saviour did for me
My life was all in shambles
And being childless didn’t help
Been childless didn’t work
I was sick and went for check up
They said I had a stone
But God gave me my baby
And now I am a mom

Idinma o (3x)
Idinma (3x)

Verse 2
Life, cannot be predicted
Even though You had Your plan
Your plans what plans
That is why we need the author
The one who knows it all
You need to know He loves You
And wants to show You too
And if He did it for me
He will do the same for You
That’s why we say

Idinma o (2x)
Idinma e
Idinma (3x)

Omere muma Odumogbo juda Omere muma (2x)

Your goodness and mercy
Follows me
And my life is in Your hands
Your loving kindness
Covers me
Under the shadow of Your wings

Idinma o (3x)
Idinma (3x)

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