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Blessing Airhihen – Fresh Fire Lyrics

Lyrics for Fresh Fire By Blessing Airhihen


We need a fresh fire, upon our altar
Holy ghost fire,   fall on me
We need a fresh fire upon our altar
this is my desire, fall on me.


Fire fire fire, fall upon my altar altar altar
This is my desire, fall afresh on me 2x
Fire fire fire, fall upon my altar altar altar
Holy ghost fire, fall  afresh on me 2x

Verse 1

Yesterday is gone, I’m  still pressing on
it is getting darker, so much pain all around
I say maranatha,  my faith is shaken
I hear You say to me, You are light, stay awake!
I can’t do this on my own
Holy spirit help me
This is my prayer
Lord stir up the fire in me.

Verse 2

The room is ready, our hearts are yearning for You Lord
Let Your kingdom come oh God, we wait on You.
Come o breathe,  break me, breathe on me
Let Your fire consume anything that’s not Yours.

Chorus X 2
Repeat intro

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