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Young Stong – Wedding Song Lyrics

    Lyrics for Wedding Song By Young Stong

    Today is Your day Geofrey today is Your day Christiana

    (Vers) 1
    Today is Your to celebrate Your marriage I’m so happy to see Your marriage is a day of joy is a day of thank God is a day of joy let’s celebrate

    (Vers) 2
    Is a day of joy
    Is a day of happiness
    Is a day of marriage
    Is a day of new life
    Is a day of smile
    Is a day of love
    Is a day of shine

    Is a day so of celebration (is Your day)
    Is a day of jubilation (is Your day)
    Is a day of celebration is a day of jubilation celebration now jubilation now

    (Vers) 3
    Chair lady thanks for coming
    Hon,Emmanuel Iffa thanks for coming
    Doctor Hanatu Bashir thanks for coming
    Hon,Babadija Buba thanks for coming
    Mrs, baby Azinda thanks for coming
    Alh, Abdullahi kirchinha coming
    Docas Bitrus thanks for coming
    Father of the day mother of the day thank for coming

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