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Wilstruth – Trust God Lyrics

Lyrics for Trust God By Wilstruth

Ah Ahn
You know the Lord is the only way yo
Why not come into the place of rest and break free from those evil clutches
He’s the way, the truth, and the light
And am a living proof!

Verse 1
I hear people crying everyday
Dying in their pains
Looking for a way for a break through huh!!
But killings everywhere people dying everyday
They’re all thinking its the only way through
But I gat to say

Trust in the Lord cause his the only way through…. yeah!!
Trust in the Lord his the one who can save you
Trust in the Lord he will free you from your pain
Give him your heart today and he will come for your rescue!!

Verse 2
Young virgins being rapped like a sex doll
Young boys being slaughtered like animals
Politics everywhere people crying everyday looking for some god that can come that can save them all
But he made us the light to shine through the whole world
People crying over circumstance
But never knew the fiecer the challenge the greater the testimonies
So cheer up (2times)

My brother cheer up
Though you never had the best life since you were young
Though you never had it all until daddy was gone
And all you hear is troubles screaming your name And critics everywhere thinking your the source of their pain
And all you see is suicide
You’re Drowning in your tears, you’re thinking There’s no hope anyway
Let the bad blood go
And let Christ come in
And watch out for joy unspeakable everyday…’ll see!!

Repeat Chorus

Trust in the Lord you can only find peace in
Trust in the Lord now and yield to his teachings
Trust in the Lord you can only find love
Facing trials in your life with no long speeches

Trust God (6times)
Cause his the way!!

Spoken Word
So many people in the world today
Seeking for refuge searching for a place to stay
Begging on the streets thinking there’s no hope for the future
Cause killings everywhere, human trafficking, suicide bombers
All dying for their wrong beliefs
But God is the light and the father of light
Which made us the children of light dwelling in the light
Cause he paid the perfect sacrifice for you and I
To rise and fly above any height and he made us his delight

So why not stop those killings, why not stop those slaveries
Why not stop those adulterous deeds
These are the last days prophecies being fulfilled even the power of money is failing
So many lost faith fell of the way side looking for the easiest way out…and ended up in the clutches of the devil!!
Now its left for you and I to show them the way through
To take this gospel to the ends of the earth
To mend those broken hearts , to heal those sicklings to raise those dead being
To tell them that Christ is the only way
So why not trust God

Repeat Chorus

Repeat Hook

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