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Victor Francis – New Dawn Remix Lyrics

Lyrics for New Dawn Remix By Victor Francis

It’s a New Dawn

Verse A
Signs of new beginnings I see
A glorious sun is rising again
New things springing forth all around me
New miracles, sings and wonders I see

Chorus A

[Oh oh oh oh oh
It’s a glorious experience
It’s a marvelous experience
It’s a wonderful experience
This New Dawn experience
*Repeat once

Chorus B

[It’s a new dawn

New dawn
New dawn
New dawn
For me
X 3

Verse B
Daily new things I see
Cos new things you’ve done for me
Daily new songs I sing
For victories you’ve won for me
Daily I see You lifting me
To a higher level of grace and glory
New horizons I see
Cos it’s a new dawn for me

Repeat chorus A & B

Bridge  * [New New New..

He has made all things new
Cos it’s a new dawn
I see new season oh oh
Oh uh oh

Verse C

New season of blessings overflow
New season of constant open heavens
New season of signs and wonders unlimited
New dawn

New season of
Victories and breakthrough
Miracles and successes
Testimonies unlimited
New dawn

New season of new things
And new beginnings
New things
And new beginnings

Repeat chorus B (once)

Chorus C
My Experience
New Dawn Experience
My Experience
New Dawn Experience

Open heavens
Overflow come on
I see too much blessings all around me
Ay ay.. ay ay ay …
He has made a way for me
Testimonies overflow
Ay ay.. ay ay ay …
New Dawn New Dawn
My Experience

New New New xx


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