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Solomon Ugo – Jehovah Reigns Lyrics

Lyrics for Jehovah Reigns By Solomon Ugo

Oh Lamb of God
You reign in power and might
Among the God’s
No one compares to You

You are the King
Who does what He pleased
Your ways and Your thought
No man can phantom
Lord You reign
You reign on high

Jehovah reign
You reign
In all the earth
Jehovah reign
You reign on high

The Lord reigneth
Let the Kings and Nations tremble
He reigns in might
At His voice all demons tremble

Jehovah Reigns
Over every circumstances
He reigns
His clothed in majesty
Lord You reigns
You reign on high

Lift up your hands to Him
No man can be compare to Jesus
He is stronger than the strongest
Greater than the Greatest
The mighty man of valour

Oh Lord You reign
You reign
Oh Lord You reign
You reign
You reign in might and splendor
You reign
Through the greatness of Your power
Your enemies submit themselves to You
You reign

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