Seme – Love Letter Lyrics

Lyrics for Love Letter By Seme

[Solo 1]
Little baby, I can hear You running
I can feel You cry into my pierced hands
You can’t see me
You feel I’m not there
I’m Emmanuel
Little baby You hide all those secrets
You hear me calling but shame tears You to pieces
Please remember that even in hell
I’m Emmanuel

Just know that
I love You (3x)
It’s my blood that justifies and
I love You (3x)

[Solo 2]
See how high the mountains that You’re climbing
Even in the darkness I am there
In the shadows, where You’re hiding
I’m Emmanuel
Tell my family nothing can withstand them
I am Jesus and I’m undefeated
I will hold You, I will save You
I’m Emmanuel

(Repeat Chorus)

There is nothing, that can separate Me from You
There is nothing, that is greater than My offering
There is nothing, that is stronger that is purer
Than the love I have for You
What could wash away our sin
Nothing but the blood of Jesus
What has made us whole again
Nothing but the blood of Jesus

(Repeat Chorus)

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