S_rae – Gratitude Ft. Fresh Oil and Jerry Love Lyrics

Lyrics for Gratitude By S_rae Ft. Fresh Oil and Jerry Love

[Verse 1]
How can I explain this kind of love that I’ve never felt before

It’ll be as hard as numbering all the sands upon every shore

In my human heart I can’t begin to comprehend
The Magnitude of Your love that seems to have no end

Who am l
That You chose
Here to cruise
With no dues
Was broken but now I’m fixed yeah
You’re the reason I’m still here

Took the fall
For my fame
For my gain
You were slain
Hallelujah to Your name Lord
You’re the reason I can shout

Great are You Lord
Greatly to be praised.   X 2

[Verse 2]
Alpha and Omega
The beginning and the end
You are the one we adore
Forever and ever
That’s who You are
Awimaye o
What He says comes to pass
Koseni to dabire
Dalaba fiyowe o
Iwoni Kan logoye o

What kind of love is this
Turn my stony heart to a soft biscuit
This is pure bliss cos I’m loving this
It’s only in Jesus that this kind of love exist
When I remember where I’m coming from what I’m running from
Meeting You, was a turning point
ain’t going to pretend like everything is okay
I gat You, You gat me, I am okay
I have never live this  life before, this is my first time
Prayed for less darkness, You gave me more light
Mighty God, Ancient of days,
It’s You behind me, I know that there’s nothing that I can’t face
If You ever feels nobody cares, Jesus does,
To sum the story up, let me let You know, Jesus works.


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