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Pst. Peter Marcus – Dream Lyrics

Lyrics for Dream By Pst. Peter Marcus

Verse 1
I just want to tell you something
Something about life

Life is full of opportunity
Give your dream a chance
Don’t let your dream to die

In your hands
Because you can be
what you want to be

Do you have a dream        [x4]
Do you wanna let it die

Verse 2
The grace is full of great man
great men with great potentials
who their dream couldn’t see light

Even see the light of day
Now that you are living on earth

Please give that dream a chance.
Don’t let your dream to die in your hand
cos you can be what you want to be
Repeat chorus [x8]

The death of a tree
Is the burial of a forest
Don’t let that dream
to die in your hands

Don’t let your dream
Just die like that

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