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Prospero – Only You Ft. Avy Lyrics

    Lyrics for Only You By Prospero Ft. Avy

    Verse 1 (Prospero)
    About a thousand thousand miles into the skies, there You are
    You are seated on the throne of glory, yes You are
    You are God all by yourself, not a man, no You ain’t
    And You reign forever more, yes You do, no debate

    I lift my hands in praise to Your name
    From ages to ages You’re the same
    I praise You from the depth of my heart
    So I wrote this song in adoration of Your name

    Only You are God, no one else like You
    Only you can do what no man can do
    You make a way where there seems no way
    that is why I’ve come, to lift Your name on high
    (Only You….. Only You)

    (instrumental interlude)

    Verse 2 (Prospero)
    When I was lost You came to save my soul from sin
    So when I  opened up my heart, Jesus You came in
    All I have is You Jehovah; Iwo ni mo ni Omega
    I will praise Your name forever
    Be Thou glorified

    I lift my voice to sing Your praise
    You’ve lifted me new songs I will raise
    I’ll praise You from the depth of my heart
    So I wrote my song in adoration of Your name

    (Back to Chorus…)

    RAP (Avy)
    Love is a beautiful thing, it’s more than exchanging vows and rings, yeah
    Jesus You’re the essence of love, without You loving gets boring, You give it a new look every morning
    Oh how I love You Jesus, translates me from wanting You to needing You
    I need You in my life and in my dreams, Your grace rubs off like a new body cream
    I just wanna take a minute from the life You gave me to keep, to praise You from the fruit of my lips
    Singing HOLY HOLY HOLY rapping GLORY GLORY GLORY to the lamb, and to the Son of man…
    Hail hail hail the King of the Jews, Your love pours upon me like the mountain dew
    My face now shining like that of Moses, my lips being reddened like that of roses
    You make me fresh day after day, come sun come rain You remain the same
    Your love drives me insane, only You can gimme joy and stretch my mouth to smile
    While the devil has no peace moving to and fro like a beast, mr devil nothing for you
    You might try to stop me, but there’s no way you can top me
    cos I’m in the Lord and He’s in me together gotta cuff you
    Jehovah is Your name, You’re mighty in all Your ways
    Still Your love is tender and embracing always
    The Song I write for You is just a fraction of my heart. I wanna write it all out, from genesis to revelation, yeah
    But fortunately You see my heart, please read it all up, and I hope it makes You smile

    RAP 2 (Prospero)
    Your love is new every morning, You wipe my tears when I am mourning
    I sin against You I say I’m sorry, pat me on the back and tell me not to worry
    Jehovah na You be my papa, ewezuga Gi (apart from You) I no get anoda
    Your love dey make me dey wonda, so me and my brother Avy we come to praise together, hey
    His word is true E no dey lie lie
    He liveth forever He no go die die
    He is is beautiful, He is so fine fine
    Nothing is too hard for Him, everytin na mai-mai

    I love You love You more than anything
    I love You love You more than everything
    I love You love You more than anything
    I love You Love You come on Avy sing it…

    I love You love You more than anything
    I love You love You more than anything
    I love You love You more than anything
    Because as I don get I don get everything
    (Repeat a 2nd time)

    Jehovah m oh, nah You dey reign
    Chineke m oh, nara ekele (My God, receive thanks)
    Jehovah m oh, na You dey reign
    Ewezuga Gi gini ka mmadu ga-eme? (Without You what would man do?)
    (Repeat a 2nd time)

    PROSPERO and AVY together
    Onyeoma (The Good One) (8x)….. Sooso Gi eh… (Only You eh…)

    Oya dance to the beat (Shaku Shaku)
    Oya shake your body    (Shoki)
    Prospero on the beat    (Azonto)
    Avy in the building        (Alanta)

    Freestyle lyrics

    (Repeat) Chorus

    Music fades

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