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Palmira – Glorious in My Eyes Lyrics

Lyrics for Glorious in My Eyes By Palmira

Verse 1
Words fail me
Expressions elude me
When I try to say I am grateful

I can’t imagine
How you brought me out and saw me through
In spite of my troubles
You came to my rescue
Is good to know You are there
When nobody really cares

You’ve shown me love
You’ve shown me care
When nobody did it

Chorus In Igbo

Verse 2
I search over the earth
And found none to compare
With the mystery of who You really are
At time, in our darkest hour
Is hard to realize
The One You really need
Is right there beside you

He’s good to know He’s never wrong
To call on Him and get along
He always willing and able to see You through

Chorus in Igbo

You keep me through the storm
Restored my soul to You
Made me an expression of Your love..

You gave me a reason to live
What kind of God is this?

Chorus in Igbo

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