Odons Austine – Praise Party Ft. Godstime Okorie Lyrics

Lyrics for Praise Party By Odons Austine Ft. Godstime Okorie

Onananana! You’re the reason why we are celebrating oh God.
We gonna party today in the presence of God,
We gonna party all day Hallelujah (2x)
Oh oh ooooo (3x)
We gonna party all day

[Verse 1]
This God ooooo, You’re too good ooooo
This God oh, You’re making feel so happy,
In Your presence there is fullness of joy,
In Your presence we are shouting glory, glory, glory!

Glory Glory Hallelujah!!
Glory Glory Hallelujah!! (2x)
Glory Glory Hallelujah!!
We partying all day.

[Verse 2]
Me I go enter Your gate with Thanksgiving and Your court with praise shouting aloud Your wonders extolling Your greatness and power Oh oooo, You put a new song in my mouth to sing, my heart leaps for joy now I feel like dancing shouting aloud Your praise everywhere I go!
Oh oh o!(3x)
We gonna party all day
Yes we will, yes we will
Oh oh ooooo (3x)
We celebrate You today.
Our hands we raise, our voices we raise,
Singing to You, we gonna party all day
It’s a privilege to worship You. I will dance like David danced with a joyful heart. We are partying all day.
Oh oh oooo (3x)We are partying all day.

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