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Nimi Stix – Rababa Lyrics

    Lyrics for Rababa By Nimi Stix

    Nimi Stix!
    1,2,3, go

    Jesus Christ Lord of lords
    your’re my all in all
    A milion fall on my right hand side
    A billion fall on my left hand side

    They ain’t gonna come and harm me
    They came to hear my testimony
    Oluwa e ma to bI gannI
    That’s why I came to Rababa

    Rababa (3ce)
    that’s why I came to Rababa
    Rababa (3ce)
    that’s why I came to Rababa

    Verse 2
    Jeus Christ, I really love you
    you gave me life that I’m living
    you’re nice, you’re kind
    you never left me behind
    papa God I throway salute
    sey na U no make me baboon
    oh when I was reading my bible
    I couldn’t find words to describe you


    Verse 3
    here on earth we give u glory (glory)
    cos u made our lives cosy (cosy)
    bab na only u holy every other thing na story (story!)
    u created flowers and the bees (bees)
    u created all the human beigns (beigns)
    no wonder we all adore him (him)
    cos in him there’s no more sin!


    Nimi Stix!
    this the song Yo!
    Nimi Stix!
    Kill it!

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