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Mojee – Yes Lord Lyrics

    Lyrics for Yes Lord By Mojee

    In a changing world with various versions of the truth.
    Where perception rules and there’s no right and there’s no wrong
    Where we’re led all day just by the way that we feel
    Deepening grips of falsehood all-around

    Ways of the world all around my feet
    Your Word is a light unto my path
    I will guard my heart as I follow in Your steps Lord
    Let me hear Your voice leading me on
    Let me hear Your voice, leading me on

    And I say Yes, Yes, Yes to Your will
    And I say Yes, Yes, Yes to Your Way
    Yes, Yes, Yes to this path
    Yes, Lord, Yes to Your will

    Anywhere You lead me I will follow
    Whatever You say to do, I’ll do

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