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Home » Michael Isaac – Jigidem (Uphold Me) Lyrics

Michael Isaac – Jigidem (Uphold Me) Lyrics

    Lyrics for Jigidem (Uphold Me) By Michael Isaac


    [Solo 1]
    When things are falling apart,
    And fear grips all hearts,
    Jigidem, Jigidem.
    When trouble looms everywhere,
    And evil here and there,
    Jigidem, Jigidem.

    Just hold me,
    Right there in Your arms is where I wanna be,
    Pull me to side, the place of safety,

    Jigidem, Jigidem…
    Jigidem, Jigidem…

    [Solo 2]
    When I’m falling, falling so slowly..
    When I’m drowning, drowning so deeply..
    When I’m fainting and nobody right there to help
    I look to You, Lord only You…
    I trust in You, Lord You’re are my own point of view.

    (Climbing) x2

    (chorus) x2

    Call and responds
    Uphold me (x6)
    Jesus uphold me..
    Uphold me.

    (Climbing) x1



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