Matthew West – The Hope of Christmas Lyrics

Lyrics for The Hope of Christmas By Matthew West

Take me back to eight years old
The little church on a dead end road
With a candle flicker in one hand and dad’s hand in the other

Take me back to Silent Night
My heart was full and the world was right
Cuz right now the world looks nothing like those innocent Decembers

These days peace on earth is hard to find
And I need You to remind me one more time

You’re still the hope of Christmas
You’re still the light when the world looks dark
You’re still the hope of Christmas
And You’re still the hope of my heart

Watch the snow flakes falling down
Like a blanket on this town
For a moment we can hardly see the pain this year has brought us

May the sick find healing’s touch
May hatred’s fight be won with love
And may every heart make room for You the One who came to save us

I Bowed my head to pray tonight
Felt my little girl by my side
She slipped her tiny hand in mine
And we both talked to You

And it took me back to 8 years old
my daddy’s hand and a story told
About Heaven’s love in a manger low
And a promise that’s still true

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