Matt Ocholi – My Yahweh Lyrics

Lyrics for My Yahweh By Matt Ocholi

From Everlasting to everlasting
You are God of all flesh
We will rise in Your Name
to declare that You are x 2

My Yahweh, My Yahweh
My Yahweh, You’re my Yahweh ooo (x 2)

Let the lifting of my worship touch Your heart
Let the singing of my worship touch Your heart
Like an evening sacrifice let it touch Your heart
And every word that I have spoken is from my heart

You’re my Yahweh o ooo (x2)
My Yahweh, My Yahweh o (x4)

(Huuuuuh huuuuuh huuuuu)
We bless You Lord, we bless You Lord
For no one is like You God

(Huuuuuh huuuuuh huuuuu)
We give You Glory God, We bless Your Name God For this and more we bless Your Name oh God

(Huuuuuh huuuuuh huuuuu)
A thousand by my side, ten thousand by my right side,they won’t come near my dwelling because You are Yahweh

(Huuuuuh huuuuuh huuuuu)
You are my Yahweeh!
You are my Yahweeh!

(Huuuuuh huuuuuh huuuuu)
You are the God of the universe,
nobody elect You to be God,
You are God alone

(Huuuuuh huuuuuh huuuuu)
You are Yahweh eh, eh
You are Yahweh
You are Yahweh

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