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Mahteens – Abasi Lyrics

    Lyrics for Abasi By Mahteens

    Abasi Mmi O,
    (My God O)
    Ofon, Ofon, Ofon,
    (You are Good, You are Good, You are Good) (6X)

    The things You dey do,
    My Mouth No fit e talk am o,
    The way You dey bless me,
    I no fit e explain it o,
    Abasi Mmi o,
    You are good o, You are kind o,
    In all the earth,
    There is nobody like You,
    Abasi Mmi o,
    You are the author and the finisher,
    In my life o, You are good o,
    All the time.

    My father, My Maker,
    The Master of the universe,
    The God when they see,
    And know me by my name o,
    In You o, I no go fit e fail o,
    Papa eh,
    You no dey dissappoint o,
    With You o,
    I know say I be winner,
    You are good o, Papa.

    Abasi Mmi,
    O O O O O,
    You are Good O,
    You are great O,
    You are Kind O,
    Abasi Mmi,
    O O O O.

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