Laydee Ruth – Mama Lyrics

Lyrics for Mama By Laydee Ruth

Dear mama, this is a song for You
Just To let You know You’re loved and appreciated

[Verse 1]
When I was Young,
You were strong
You took me along,
nurtured and cultured me

You were all I ever wanted
Nothing else mattered
None could take Your place

[Verse 2]
Your Love is pure
It is sure
With You am secured
In Your heart I found through love

I wouldn’t trade You for the world
Your worth is more than gold
You mean the world to me mother

Mama oh mama,
Nene meh, nene meh
The woman that gave me life
Mama I love You

Ekha Bu wah ree yeh owaseh ooo
Ekha De motor ree yeh owaseh ooo
Ekha re egho ree yeh owaseh ooo
Mama You deserve it

If I gift You a house it won’t not be enough
If I gift You a car it won’t not be enough
If I give You all the money I have to appreciate You it won’t not be enough
Mama You deserve it

[Repeat Chorus]

I love You mama(6x)
You are the best.

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