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Khemigee – Repete (Surplus) Lyrics

Lyrics for Repete (Surplus) By Khemigee

Verse 1
Nigeria, mogbohun eledumare to sope
Ohun gbogbo ohun bowa
No more loss, Corona virus
We are going higher

Call. Oso tola o

Res. Repete

Call Oso towo o

Call. Naija ku orire

Call. Aba eyo se

Call. Celebration

Call. Congratulations

Call. Jubilation

Call. Acceleration

Call. Ibukun ni fun e Nile

Call. Even loko o

Call. You are not a

Call. But a lender

Call. Economic stability

Call. Employment

Call. Ka kole mole

Call. Ka sowo jere

Call surplus lojojumo

Call favour nko o

Call. You are for signs
And wonders

Call. All over the world

Call. Ibukun ni fun

Call. Omo Nigeria

Call. Our land Nigeria

Call. Our food Nigeria

Call. Ohun osin naija

Call. Oro aje naija

Call. Koso gun,kosi yan

Call. Ominira de, moyo

Call. Ire ni gusu, lariwa

Call. Nila orun,

Call. Niwo orun

Verse 2

Nigeria, mogbohun eledumare to sope
Ohun gbogbo
ohun bowa dun
No more killing, inequality,
We are going higher

Repeat chorus

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