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Lyrics for Rise Up By John Olumayowa

C’mon rise up
Its Your time

[Verse 1]
There is power in the name of Jesus
By anointing every yoke is broken
Every strange power should be silent
We taking over ambience for Christ
As I lift my hands in faith to pray
By the laying of hands I declare
Healing and deliverance in here
I proclaim victory by the power of God
In the name of Jesus You are healed
By His power I declare You healed

Rise Up 6x

[Verse 2]
We are fighting
Right on the battle we ain’t tired
We ain’t giving up
In the name of Jesus we are stronger
We are powerful
We ain’t weak
All sickness go
All chains break
Affliction must stop
Every debt be paid
Every blind see
Every lame walk
Every dumb speak
Victory is Yours

Rise Up 6x

The Bible says
Arise and shine for Your light has come
Now is Your time yo shine
The Bible says again
That arise, take thy bed and begin to walk
So therefore I declare to the life of somebody
Arise and begin to walk
In the name of Jesus


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