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Jlyricz – Dike Lyrics

Lyrics for Dike By Jlyricz

Have You seen the fear that’s in my eyes?
Have You felt the lust that’s in my heart?
Seen the pride that’s drowning my mind yeah?
Sometimes I’m unsure of where I stand

I have struggled with myself
Struggled with the man I am
Told myself I’m crazy when I’m not
You’ve been here You’ve never left
Since the day I raised my hands
Told You Lord please take me I am Yours

You’re my dike dike dike eh
You’re my dike dike dike eh

I found love then I lost it
But You brought her back to me
Took my ego and made me the man she needs
I remember
Daddy said boy You’re no man
Mama asked boy who are You
And my sisters turned their backs on me one time
Still I move through life with a joyful heart
Knowing some day they’ll know that You are mine

You’re my dike my dike my dike eh! (You’re my You’re my dike)
You’re my dike my dike my dike eh eh eh! (You’re my You’re my dike)

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