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JJ Hairston – Agreed Lyrics

    Lyrics for Agreed By JJ Hairston

    I heard an old old story
    About a savior that came from glory
    How he gave his life at Calvary He did it all just for me

    They nailed him in his hands They nailed him in his feet
    They nailed him to a cross to die He did it all just for me

    Pre chorus
    In those nails, was every mistake I made
    The thorns were formed from my lies
    The lashes You took; they were meant for me
    But You told God You would take them instead

    You agreed to do it; You agreed to die
    You agreed to give Your life to save mine
    Oh What a sacrifice You made for me
    Knowing all that You would have to go through
    You agreed

    I could never repay You
    But I’m sure gone praise You We love You
    We praise You You’re worthy

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