Jerry Swam Sidi – Girma Ft. Jeremiah Gyang Lyrics

Lyrics for Girma By Jerry Swam Sidi Ft. Jeremiah Gyang

Yesu Kai ne dalilin murna ta
Yesu Kai ne dalilin Waka ta
Alherin ka zuwa gare ni
Ba iyaka ba iyaka
In You I live a life of victory
Unto You I sing this song for I am redeemed
In You I live and move and have my being
Kai ne waka ta
Dalilin murna ta

Girma naka ne…
Yabo naka ne…
Mai Ceto na
You are worthy…

Girma naka ne…
Yabo naka ne…
Mai fansa ta
I give You all the praise.

Heavenly Father a gaban ka ni zan bow down
Domin kauna da ka nuna Mani
I will love You for the rest of my days
Domin privileges I don’t deserve
To You I play a skilful melody
For You I sing this song and play my guitar
Unto You our voices raised in harmony
You’re the song I sing
Everybody help me sing this song

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