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Jahdiel – Oh God Lyrics

    Lyrics Oh God By Jahdiel

    In my heart I hear you
    In my voice I feel you, oh God, oh God
    nothIng can replace you

    In my heart I praise you
    oh God, oh God
    fill my heart with laughter
    and somethIng to ponder
    . . .
    oh God, oh God eh×4ce
    chukwu o kike eh
    chIneke dInma
    ison bi ni go gugu×2ce
    . . .
    let the song I sIng, Lord
    be to you a sweet sound
    oh God, oh God
    let the hills and mountaIns
    burst out In to sIngIng, God, oh God
    let my heart desire
    meet all your requires, God, oh God.
    . . .
    ye ye ye
    chIneke dInma
    ison bi no go gugu×2ce
    . . .
    ye ye ye ye×3ce…

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