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Ife – Ayo Lyrics

    Lyrics for Ayo By Ife

    My heart is so filled with joy
    Joy that fills my body and soul
    So much joy that never goes low (x4)
    Comes from my father above
    See this joy no be by wealth
    Neither from all those luxury things
    It’s by gift of salvation He has given to us
    Freedom to scream and shout for joy
    Eh eh eh

    Okan mi fo’ fayo
    (My heart leaps for joy)
    Okan mi Korin Halleluyah
    (My heart sings hallelujah)
    Baba ti munu mi dun
    (Father has made me glad)
    Ayo kunu Okan mi ooo
    (Joy fills my heart)

    People dey ask why I dey smile
    I say na Jehovah dey for my mind
    Since He don enter my life
    I get hope abundant life
    I no dey doubt Hin grace at all
    Resp: (at all at all ooo)
    Call: plenty joy dey inside my life
    Resp: yea yea
    Call : Holy Ghost joy wey no dey end
    Resp: Yea yea
    No matter what may come my way
    If the world didn’t give it to me
    They can’t take it from me ooo


    I don get joy
    I don get peace
    I don get Favor
    Joy everlasting
    Forever more

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