Henry Dickson – Your Love is Greater Lyrics

Lyrics for Your Love is Greater By Henry Dickson

[Verse 1]
I can only imagine the thoughts You have for me during creation.
How I look to see You face to face.
Wrapped in Your arms of unending peace.
To bask in the fragrance of Your love.

Your love…

Your love is greater
Your love is deeper
Your love is better

Soloist: It’s greater than anything

All:greater than anything

Cos it’s never failing
And it’s never ending
Ever faithful, love of God

Soloist: Everybody lift Your voice and say Your love.

[[Repeat Chorus]] 2×

Greater than anything 12×
Soloist: Thank You for Your love, Your love, Your love…

[Repeat Chorus] 2×
Thank You for Your love 2×

[Repeat Chorus] 2× till fade

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