Godson Godfrey – Heart Cry Lyrics

Lyrics for Heart Cry By Godson Godfrey

[Verse 1]
Humble Yourself, do not be fast
To show who You are, it might not be time.
Swallow Your pride let God use You,
Is time to pray, and time to wait.
Oh secret place, please call me back,
I want to see the Holy Ghost:

My Heart Cry oh my Heart Cry
Please call me back, oh secret place 2x

[Verse 2:
I want to walk the ancient part
Please lead me through, my Holy Ghost
Purge me of pride, Purge me of lost
Please fix my heart my Holy Ghost
Don’t let me out, don’t let me go
Till You are done my Holy Ghost
My broken heart, my broken spirit
Please don’t despise my Holy Ghost


Oh secret place, please call me back.
I want to see the Holy Ghost


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