G.I.T – If No Be You Ft. CLEMIXG Lyrics

Lyrics for If No Be You By G.I.T Ft. CLEMIXG

[Intro Talk]
Alright… he he
You know, sometimes when I think about the goodness of God meeehn
I go just dey short of word meeehn
Where I wan for start from self
Sometimes e go be like say make I cry
If no be this God I for don die
You know how e dey be nau
yo… Thanks to God

[Rap Verse 1]
I wake up this morning baba God give me joy
E give me good life now am a big boy
I look all around I see say nothing spoil
Everything about me just dey so well
Now I go down on my knees, I lift my hands in praise
Giving thanks to this God wey give me grace
If no be this God I for don see disgrace
All the bad Belle people for don give me names
Any time I think about how e brought me from nothing
Decorate my life and e turn am to something
I still dey surprised, to me e be like dream
Who for think say one day I go win
back in d days my life was full of sin
And i lost direction i was struggling in between
Come & see how this God take change me, all I dey do na to give am all d glory

If no be Youuuuu I for don die troway
If no be Youuuuu nobody for know meeee

If no be Youuuuu, I for don die troway
If no be Youuuuu, this na my testimony

[Verse 2]
Sometimes I go sit down to think I go dey cry
If no be this God I believe say I for don die
I don make several mistakes for this life no ve lie
Still the mercies of God dey make me still dey fly
Each time I break down at his feet for repentance
E never one dey troway me or even give me distance
I fit count several times.. I fit give You instance
We the mercies of God dey come for my assistance
Where I for dey, if no be his grace
Dem for don troway me.. my record for erase
But e give me grace.. just to run the race
That is the reason I go always give u praise
You be my heart & the center of my joy
This love dey real, no be joke or na toy
This na the kind of love enemies no fit spoil
I don make up my mind I go forever be Your boy

[Chorus 2×]

Thank God God no be man oh
If to say na man I for don due goooo
I for don kpeme goooooooo yeee

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