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Enkay Ogboruche – Ezem Lyrics

    Lyrics for Ezem By Enkay Ogboruche

    Ezem (3x) na di ndu (My king is everlasting)
    Onye nwe anyi ezitewo ndi muozi ya ka biakutem (For he has given his angels charge over me)
    Onodu’m n’emetuya n’obi (Because everything that concerns me touches his heart)
    Ezem (3x) na di ndu (My king is everlasting)

    (Adilips in chorus)

    Oji oku eri aja ( He that consumes sacrifices with fire)
    Oku n’erere (Consuming fire)
    Oku n’aza ekpere (The God that answers by fire)
    Agiga na to agbu (He that sets the captives free)
    Captain of the host of heaven
    My shield and buckler

    Enwerem enyi (I have a friend)
    Nke na egbo nkpam nile (That meets all my my needs)
    Ulo’m di anya karia kpakoando (whose home is beyond the moon and stars)
    Mara na nka bu oke ihe omere ( Everything he has done for me)
    Nke m ji na eti Halleluyah (makes me shout Hallelujah)

    (Adlips in last Chorus)

    King of kings
    Lion of the tribe of Judah
    You are seated in heaven and earth is Your footstool
    I bow before Your throne
    I worship at Your feet

    Ogbajiri igwe kpo ya nku (He that breaks iron like wood)
    Akpoaza mee (My prayer answering God)
    You are worthy Jesus
    Ezem na adi ndu (My everlasting King).

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