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Emmasings – Omemma Lyrics

    Lyrics for Omemma By Emmasings

    Verse 1

    Omemma (Doer of Good)
    Chi di ebere, Onye Ebere ka I bu (The God of mercy is who You are).
    Onye n’edu m ije (2x), PAPA m eee (My guide, My father)

    I meela ka I si eme ooo (You have done the usual)
    Aka ji uwa (The Hand that upholds the earth).
    O buru n’aru m nile a buru so onu (If my body had been filled with mouths).
    O zughi inye GI Ekele (They’re not enough to appreciate you).
    Omemma n’ututu, n’ehihie, n’abali (Doer of Good in the morning, Noon and night time).

    Doer of Good You are so good to me
    You are so good
    I bu Omemma (YOU are The DOER of Good).

    Doer of Good
    Abiakwa m ozo (I have come to You Again)
    Onye nani ya n’eme ihe nile (The ONE who alone does all things).
    Doer of good
    Lee ndi n’acho nwunye (Behold those trusting You for wives).
    Onye n’eme mma biko mee ha mma (Doer of Good please do Good to the).
    Mee ha mma papa (Do Good to them Father).
    Ufodu n’acho di Papa mee ha mma.

    Some are trusting you for husbands.
    PAPA mee ha mma.
    FATHER, do Good to them.
    Your children are looking for the fruit of the womb
    PAPA mee ha mma.
    FATHER, do Good to them.

    Ufodu n’acho ego (Some are trusting YOU for Money).
    Biko PAPA mee ha mma.
    Please FATHER do Good to them..
    What of the ones that are looking for healing
    PAPA mee ha mma.
    FATHER, do Good to them.

    Omemma (Doer of God)
    When the world turned their back on me your love was a light for me
    Omemma eh (Doer of Good)
    You are so good to me
    Onye Ebere (God of Mercy).
    You are so good

    Akpo Aza (Prayer Answering God).
    I dighi agbanwe
    Agbanwe (You can never never change).
    Dike N’agha (Mighty Worrior).
    Omemma Ka I Bu (You are the Doer of Good).

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