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Eben – Forever Lyrics

    Lyrics for Forever By Eben

    Jesus, You are my saviour
    You are all I ever wanted
    You are all I got
    Uh huh
    Jesus, You are my shelter
    You’re the only one I run to
    You are all I got

    Forever, I will shout Your Name
    Oh mamama
    Forever, I will sing Your praise
    To You be the Glory
    You be the honour
    For You worthy of our praise
    Lord You are mighty
    Lord You are holy
    That’s why we lift Your Name on high

    Forever I will praise Your Name oh God
    Forever I will worship You oh God
    Forever and ever
    Forever and ever oh God Who made the sun to shine
    And the rain to fall on the good and evil
    Who made the blind to see
    And the lame to walk

    And the dumb to speak… yeah
    Call: Jehova
    Response: uh… huh. Jehova yeah
    Who made a way for You
    And a way for me through the darkest night
    Wh took You and set You on a solid ground
    Call: Jehova
    Response: uh… huh


    Video : Forever By Eben

    Eben - Forever (Karios - A Live Recording)

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