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D. Tee – If I Hear Lyrics

Lyrics for If I Hear By D. Tee

[Verse 1]
I’ve been to many places
seen many gods like
5,6,7 still, You are the Boss
I cannot describe how great You are, Mighty in battle thats who You are
Bigger than the biggest, You are the greatest, my God the richest, even the latest, rose of sharon, Him i lean on, on and on and on

Call: Eledumare
Resp: Eledumare
Call: Eleruniyin
Resp: (repeat)
Call: Jehovah-Nissi
Resp: (repeat)
Call: Opomulero
Resp: (Opomulero)

Call: Eledumare (rp)
Eleruniyin (rp)
Jehovah-Nissi, thats who You are
Resp: Thats who You are

If I hear say my Papa no be GOD,
if I hear say You no be Alpha, great Provider, Lion of Judah Oh/4x
Many go say my Father no be God,
Fool go say You no beĀ  Alpha, great provider,
Lion of Judah oh uh uh

[Verse 2]
Ill raise my hands, move my legs and shake my body because You are worthy, cannot compare You with any other God.
All: Eledumare mo gbe o ga
call: You are the master, they are the learners, You made the sun and move with Your power, that is why You are Eleburu Ike
All: Arugbo Ojo

(back to vamp)

Though honey sweet but my God supersweet,
You cannot deny the fact sey He exist,
from the rising of the sun till the going down of the same,
Jesu Kristi is worthy to be praised,
He’s not a man that He should lie, ‘
Not the son of man that he should repenti,
Every other god dem be apprentice but only my God be authentic eh eh eh

Every other god na so so yeye,
All other god, nobody but You

(Back to chorus)

Call :If I hear sey my papa no be God oh oh oh,
Sey He no be Alpha oh oh, tin ba gbo eh

Many go sey my Father no be God,
Dem go sey You no be Alpha, great Provider,
Lion of Judah, oh uhuhuh

Resp: If I hear

I’ve been to many places,
Seen many gods like 5,6,7 still,
You are the Boss, my God the richest, even the latest,
Rose of Sharon, Him i lean on Jehovah, the Alpha, Omega, Mighty Ruler, Elohim, El Shaddai, Elo him
Resp: If I hear/2x if I hear e e

(Till fade)

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