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Clifford Enobun – I Declare Lyrics

    Lyrics for I Declare By Clifford Enobun

    VERSE 1-
    On the cross, You made me whole
    Your death became my very life
    You covered me, forgave my sins
    And Your love became my rock

    VERSE 2-
    Yes Your word, my very source
    The fountain of grace and truth
    Your boundless love none compares
    All my flaws, You ignored them all

    And all the chains, that held me down
    You broke them all. I’m one with You

    I declare, I am free
    I declare, my victory
    I declare, sin’s lost its power
    I declare, I’m alive

    I am so loved
    I am His child
    I’ve been redeemed
    Yes I am free

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