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Bright Eden – When I Call Lyrics

Lyrics for When I Call By Bright Eden

Oh how wonderful it is,
Jesus promised He’ll take care of me. X2

I don’t need to worry about the things I heard ,
All I need to do it to give thanks ,
And believe in what He says!

I can call him in the morning ,
I can call him in the middle of the night,
And when I call him He’ll make everything alright,
It doesn’t matter how big the problem might be,
Jesus promised He’ll take care of me.

For His love will never fail!
His mercy will always prevail.
He’s taken care of everything I am, and will ever be ,
He paid my dept on the cross!!

Call: I can call him!
Resp: call him!
Call: He will answer!
Resp: Answer! X3

All: when I call on him He’s always there.

For me….

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