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Beatrice Otie – Be Exalted Lyrics

    Lyrics for Be Exalted By Beatrice Otie

    Verse 1:

    You delivered me from my enemies….
    Lord You re my support, You re my rock.
    From age to age You’re still the same God.
    I call You… strong and mighty one.

    Be exalted, be exalted, be exalted my King.

    Be exalted, be exalted, be exalted. My Kinnnnggg.

    Verse 2:
    Powerful King
    I call You mighty one.
    You are good.
    (So good)
    Thousand generations can’t describe Your greatness.
    I call You.
    Strong and mighty one.

    Be exalted, be exalted
    Be exalted, my king.
    Be exalted, Adonai You reign. Be exalted
    Prince of peace You’re good.
    Be exalted.. my King….

    Bridge Call & Response:
    Call- Adonai You reign
    Response-You reign

    You’re good…ohhhhh.ohhhh

    Beatrice Ministers.
    Be Exalted.
    Jesus, Saviour, Mighty God.
    You re the mighty God.

    Be exalted… I call You king.

    Be exalted.. Lord…
    Mighty God
    Holy God.
    I bow before You…

    My King oh be exalted Lord…
    You re wonderful…
    My King.

    Be exalted
    Be exalted
    Be exalted
    My King….
    Be exalted
    Be exalted
    Be exalted.

    My Kinnngggg.

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