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Ayobola Elegbede – God of Creation Lyrics

    Lyrics : God of Creation By Ayobola Elegbede

    1. Trees in the field bowing down to You
    Beasts in the wild lifting eyes to You
    Fishes in the seas swimming unto You
    Birds in the sky lifting up Your name
    Singing out Your praise
    Whiter than snow, purer than gold
    Older than time, sweeter than wine
    Lord that’s who You are
    And You always are

    Chorus 1

    Every nation
    Bow in adoration
    Every generation
    Exalt the God of creation
    Because He’s worthy
    To receive glory
    2. Mountains so high exceeding measure
    Valleys so deep filled with great treasure
    Water so clear covering the earth
    Creatures great and small daily giving birth
    Cause You give them breath (yes You give them breath)
    Stronger than love, reaching from above
    Faithful than friends even till the end
    Lord You’re never changed
    You remain the same

    Chorus 2

    Young and old
    Stand be bold
    Tell of His love
    You He did mold
    Let His praise flow
    For His greatness shows


    Lord I look to heaven and I see
    The angels and elders bow to You
    Lord I look to the sky and I see
    Sun and moon and all stars adore You
    Lord I look to the land and I see
    Every man, woman and child praising You
    Singing You are the God of creation
    The god of creation


    He is the God of all creation
    Clap your hands to the only one creator
    The heavens You dwell in
    Your blessings unending
    The earth’s Your footstool
    You’re the reason I pull through
    From Oshodi to Ebute Meta
    I pass 3rd Mainland Bridge
    I no fall inside water
    What else can I say
    Na You be my Oga
    And You is my Father
    I call You my Teacher
    So I say let every living thing
    With every breath you breathe
    Gather from far and near
    Whether you slim or fat

    Either you tall or short
    (Yeah) Don’t matter what you are
    You need to give Him your all
    He is your creator

    Chorus 3

    Every nation bow in adoration
    Young and old stand be bold
    Every generation tell of His love
    Because He’s worthy
    To receive glory
    Let His praise flow
    For his greatness shows
    He’s the God of creation
    The God of creation

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