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Awarun Emmanuel – Alagbara Lyrics

Lyrics for Alagbara By Awarun Emmanuel

I don’t know about You but I have a God who fights my battles and gives me victory

Iwo la l’agbara to ga ju lo /2*
Ko si agbara to le duro nibi agbara re
Ko si ogun na to le duro nibi ina re

Oba to dami si
To pami mon
Olugbeja mi ni o oh

When the enemies came like a flood
Response: Eh ah eh /2*
Lord You raised a standard against them
No one can contend with Your power
Mighty man of war, Jehovah is Your name.

Alagbara de! Ato fi ise ogun ran eh
Kinihun de eya Judah
Ofi gbogbo ara se ina, ina ti ko se kolu rara rara rara
Akikanju ogun
Olubori ogun
Arogun gbo’ogun mi
Arogun gbo’ogun jo
Olusegun eh
Ajade nile ma ma tan nile
Balogun oja k’ogun to de
Balogun ose ogun k’ogun to de
Iwo la l’agbara to ga ju lo


Kosi iberu mon
Emi l’omo alagbara

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