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Amarachy – I Choose You Lyrics

Lyrics for I Choose You By Amarachy

[Verse 1]
If Your was mortal, it would have died long ago
If Your love was rubber, it would have melted long before…
Higher than the heavens, deeper than the ocean.
Nothing on earth can compare.

No one but You are all that I ever need everyday, of my life.

Lord, I choose to know You more and more
Cause everyday
In every way, You are my desire.

Lord, You’ve shown me how to love You even more.
I long for more of You.

[Verse 2]
If Your love was fire, it would have been quenched by the rain.
If Your love was water, it would have been dried up by the sun.



Oh oh oh oh oh
I know I’m not perfect and I do wrong.
But I’ll stand for You and not fall for anything
Cause You will never let me go


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