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Aaron Shade – Gratitude (Godiya) Lyrics

Lyrics for Gratitude (Godiya) By Aaron Shade

Words ain’t enough to say all the things You’ve done for me, You’ve done for me,
I wish I can explain all the kind of love You show to me, You’ve shown to me
More than price could pay yet You kept me save You kept me, You kept me
Though I fall I rise I still fall I’ll rise CU’s You hold me, You hold me

Ni na kawo Godiya (Here is my Gratitude)
Daga birni zuciya ta (from the depth of my heart)
Ganinan ya Yesu na kawo  (Here I am lord giving all)

Watin I go give?, for the things You’ve done for me,
You have brought me far, I for don die tay tay,
I go worship You, I go give You thanks, I go praise Your name
Oh Yahweh

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