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Tosin Oyelakin – Alpha and Omega Lyrics

    Lyrics for Alpha and Omega By Tosin Oyelakin

    Iwo nikan, Ko selomiran ( Besides You, there’s no other)
    No one like You, none who compares
    My hiding place, my safe refuge
    Agbara mi, Oluwa mi (My strength, my Lord)

    Alpha and Omega, beginning and the end
    Everlasting Father, the great I Am
    You deserve my praise 2x
    You are worthy Lord 2x
    Kabiyesi o, Kabiyesi (Unquestionable King)
    Eyin l’Oba awon oba (You are the King of kings)
    Olorun mi (My God)

    Ogo ye O, iyin ye O (You deserve the glory, You deserve the praise)
    Oluwa mi (My Lord)
    You alone are God
    You are worthy LORD
    Every praise I have, every drop of it
    It belongs to You


    Who can part the sea
    Who can make a in the wilderness
    No one but You
    Ko s’oba bi ire (No king like You)

    Who can raise the dead
    Make the blind to see
    No one but You
    No one like You


    Oh oh oh

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