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Rita Meroh – Jesus Know Lyrics

    Lyrics Jesus Know By Rita Meroh

    VERSE 1
    Life is like a busy street
    People go, come and then they go
    What is it all about?
    Some say, You’ll never know when
    You’ll never know when You are reaching home
    What could it be about?


    I don’t know
    But here’s one thing, Jesus knows.


    VERSE 2

    I heard he raised a man from death
    His dad made the universe
    He does know, everything
    Why life is such a mystery,
    Why death is never ending,
    He does know everything



    And I don’t know
    But here’s one thing
    Jesus knows



    Where the sun goes to rest at night,
    Where the moon goes before his time to grace the night,
    How the clouds don’t come crashing down,
    How the trees know to bend to Your wind, Your wind of love.

    ( repeat chorus )

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