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Rita Meroh – Diary of Love Lyrics

    Lyrics : Diary of Love By Rita Meroh

    Verse 1
    Dear God
    I love David
    And I know that You love him too
    I wish
    He could see me
    And probably tell me “hi”
    Sunday in church He would play
    And sing sweetly like a bird
    I like him so much
    Oh why can’t he see
    My love
    For him?


    Verse 2

    All day
    At the office
    My head is filled with thoughts of him
    He smiles
    Like the sunshine
    And charming as a rose
    I can’t wait for Sunday
    To watch my David play
    He will play a guitar
    For You and for me
    If we,
    We become one.



    Love is as strange as the stars
    So pretty, but beyond our reach
    Love is like honey too
    Sweet but I don’t like bees


    Verse 3

    Oh boy!!
    Am I dreaming?
    David just said to me “hi”
    He said
    That he likes me
    But I didn’t have a clue
    He said that he was shy
    Reason he could not speak
    He’ll like to see mom and daddy as well
    I’m happy
    Thank You God

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