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Olubunmi – Approved Lyrics

    Lyrics for Approved By Olubunmi

    God has approved me/3x
    And nothing can deny me

    Hey hey
    Nah nah nah nah na na
    There’s nothing that can deny me
    Cause God has approved me.

    My blessing is approved
    My promotion is approved
    My testimony is approved
    And nothing can deny me

    And I’ve been marked with the mark of christ hmmm

    His fresh oil is flowing upon me
    My life is covered with the blood of JESUS
    And everywhere I go
    I see God’s favor


    God has given me a yes
    Yeah yeah yeah yeah
    Yeah yeah yeah yeah
    Yeah yeah yeah yeah
    I say yes to my victory

    If You’re seeking for approval dont let it be that of men
    If man approves a man and God disapproves it
    To win the heart of the people and not the heart of God, is the greatest loss a man can ever have
    You have God’s approval
    You have every good thing
    Gods approval will cause men to Favor You, enemies will rise up but You will always win
    Gods approval is divine protection.

    God has approved me
    I know it I know it I know it I know that I know that
    That my healing is approved
    My blessing is approved
    Whatever I’ve been praying for is approved
    No power in hell can stop me
    Cause God has approved me
    I’ve been approved to be called Gods own
    I’ve been approved
    God has approved me
    Nothing can deny me
    Oh oh oh oh
    Nothing can deny me

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