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Khemigeee – Conqueror Lyrics

    Lyrics for Conqueror By Khemigeee

    If God has fought,
    all my battles,
    If he has overcome
    Then, I will give You my praise like Jacob did,

    I will give You my vow,
    For You have conquered,

    You are a conqueror,
    mighty man in battle,

    You’ve won the battle

    Res : You are a conqueror
    Conqueror,You are a

    Call. For all the battles
    You Have won,
    I call You

    Call. For all the battles,
    You ii win, I call You

    Call. For all the victories
    You gave me
    I call You

    Call You saved my life,
    And gave me a Brown new name,

    Call Am God’s made,
    God’s power,

    God’s favour,
    Chosen, Churchill,

    Gold and Diamond
    Am a superstar,
    Hephzibah, beulah

    Call when the world said
    “No” You said “yes”

    Call. How many times
    Have You kept me?

    How many times have
    Changed me?

    How many times heet
    have You saved me?

    You healed me,
    healed, my broken spirit,

    Gave to the barren
    Multiple children,

    Call You stoop low
    To make me great,

    You became caused
    That I can be blessed,

    You died on the cross,
    Now I live

    You came to the world
    Rejected & now am
    Accepted, liberated

    Docorated, lifted,
    Delivered and restored

    Call. You came to the
    World abandoned
    Now, am reckoned with

    Embraced and supported

    The punishment that
    Brought me peace was
    Upon You jesus

    Call. Now that You have
    Won the battle

    I crown You the king
    Of Kings,

    King of all ages
    Mighty man in battle,

    Your royalty, supremacy
    Excellency, sovereignty
    King of nation.

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