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Esther Ijeh – You Have Been Mighty Lyrics

    Lyrics for You Have Been Mighty By Esther Ijeh

    My Father in heaven
    Hallow be thy Name
    For all that You’ve been to me

    Verse 1:

    There are days I fall short of Your will for my life and I thought,
    I thought I lost it all
    Lord You came through for me in ways I can’t explain
    Your grace sought me, yes it did sought me out.


    Verse 2:

    I was found by Your love Lord
    I was rescued by Your help
    Snatched from the strong arms eh! of Satan’s grip



    You have been so mighty towards me e e
    You’ve been so awesome in my life
    What can I bring to You..Lord!
    My worship!(2×)

    Lord You’ve been good to me
    And You’ve been faithful!
    I am nothing without You
    Your love has brought me through it all
    How can I live without You
    How can I stand without You
    My redeemer Saviour and friend

    (Repeat chorus)
    Lord I give You my all
    My redeemer Saviour and friend
    You mean so much to me
    Am nothing without You
    Lord am nothing without You
    I cease to exist without You

    You’ve been…
    So awesome
    So mighty
    To me

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