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Dami Paul – Jehovah Sabaoth Lyrics

    Lyrics for Jehovah Sabaoth By Dami Paul Ft. Moses Akoh

    All the host of heaven
    The armies and the troops
    Answer to You
    Jehovah sabaoth
    The devil and his angels
    Strongholds and powers
    Bow before You
    Jehovah sabaoth
    Even the armies of the earth
    Kingdoms and Nations
    You rule
    Jehovah sabaoth

    Jehovah sabaoth

    I’m not afraid
    Jehovah sabaoth
    The God of angel armies
    Is my God
    I will not fear, whatever lies before me
    Jehovah sabaoth
    Is with me

    I will go where You send
    I will run without a doubt
    Jehovah sabaoth
    You are with me

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