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Blessing Udofia – Imela Lyrics

    Lyrics : Imela By Blessing Udofia

    Jesus Obim Oh
    Jesus Eyim Mo’ma
    Jesus Na’ Tuto Oh
    Jesus Onyewem Oh
    Gini Kam Ge Yegi
    Maka Ihe Ni Ne Nemerem Oh

    Imela … ( Call/response)(4x)
    Daddy You Too Much Oh (2x)
    Imela ( Call/ Response) (4x)
    Na Re Ekele Gi Eh
    Daddy (2x)
    Wetin You Don Do
    I Cannot Tell It All Ooooooh(Tell It All Oh Eeh)

    When I Look Around, All I See Na Your Love Jesus
    Your Promise Is Yea And Amen
    And Your Word Is Ever Sure
    I Have Nothing Else To Say
    Than Imela Chimom Nma

    When The World Turn Their Back Against Me
    I Run To You
    Even When They Taught It Was Over
    You Made A Way ( Papa)

    ( Back To Chorus)

    Vamp 2:
    What A Father I’ve Got
    What A Father You Are Yeah ( Papa)
    You Carry My Load For Your Head Ooh
    You Loved Me Beyond Words
    Anytime I Call You Answer
    Anytime I Knock You Open
    Father I’ve Come To Say
    Thank You (7x)
    Imela Chi Mobi Mo

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